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Rural American Solutions is a multi-faceted legal and political services organization geared towards advancing the development of individuals and communities located in or near rural or agriculture-based communities.  Rural American Solutions strives to bring world-class legal, public policy and political organization services to persons and communities that typically are unable to locate and secure quality resources.  Rural American Solutions gained prominence for a "one-stop-shop" operation providing free or discounted document notarization by Notary Public(s), legal services advise and placement, community organizing consultations and training's, rural policy issue advocacy, and many more services that continue to raise our nation's farmers, rural residents, and communities back to a level of social and economic prominence that our founders originally intended.  

We are proud to provide expert advice in the fields of financial management, agriculture business development, business and personal development, poverty alleviation and education, political activism, lobbying, and public relations.  The firm was founded by veteran political operative, David Roberts of Oklahoma and continues to gain influence now employing multiple team members, all widely considered experts in their given field. 

Rural American Solutions' role as a nonpartisan force in American society has placed them at the forefront of community empowerment organizations. 


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Rural American Solutions is proud to announce a new associate.  Lisa Newberry provides expert services and consultations in marketing, communications, new media, graphic design, and website development.

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